2020 Goals from a Trucker

Sometimes, I wonder if people wonder who’s the person behind the OTR blog. Well, to help give you a better idea of what life is like when we’re not trucking, I want to give you an idea about some of my plans this year… so in case you have a connection, reach out!

Ride the Peloton

Serving more as a reminder than anything, I received a Peloton bike for Christmas this year, and need to get on the bike. It was one of those impulse buys on TV, and I rode it religiously at the beginning of the year, but need to get back-on-track with my New Year’s Resolution.

Buy Real Estate

To continue to strengthen my investment portfolio, I’m planning on buying Charleston real estate this year. The main area is Mount Pleasant right now, but I’m open to find the right types of properties because I really like this area. Each time I go to the Low Country, I always think about investing in real estate, and this year I plan to do it.

Do the Keto Diet

I’ve heard about people getting great results from the keto diet, and this year, I plan to jump on the bandwagon. The good thing about this diet is that I already have a low-carb diet, but I plan to start testing myself to measure whether I’m in ketosis, and if I’m not, I’m making a conscious effort to eat the types of foods that will help me to remain in that range.

These are just a few goals for the year. Wanted to give you all a behind-the-scenes look of a trucker’s personal life! lol Hope you all enjoy the year!