Interview with Courtney Petty of Bumble Bee To Go dba Bumble Bee Dispatch

Courtney Petty

Bumble Bee To Go dba Bumble Bee Dispatch (OTO): Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Courtney Petty: Originally from Atlanta, GA which is a central hub for transportation and has a ton of freight. I first got a taste of trucking when I was 18 years old, I worked for a company called Benton Express doing billing. At that time I didn’t know that I would be during trucking later in life. My oldest brother who is 12 years older than I has been in trucking for over 25 years and he kept forcing trucking on myself. My daughter’s father passed away at the age of 28yrs old. He was in the military stationed in Germany and I was working for a local police department as a dispatcher. I used to work 12 + hours and my daughter wasn’t doing well in school due to the fact she had just lost her father. During that time I was seeking work from home opportunities and my brother introduced me to freight brokering and also dispatching and running his trucking company. I learned the basics from him then I took off by storm and kept expanding my company bumble bee to eventually become a one stop shop in trucking. We now have a brokerage and dispatch division as well as provide many services in trucking. From company formations and setting up new authorities, to training freight brokers and dispatchers with our online training academy. We also rent dry van trailers.

OTO: How has trucking changed since you got started?

Courtney Petty: Trucking has changed dramatically and I would say mainly the rates has changed for what the freight pays. Also I now see more automation is starting to form. Never thought of a self driving tractor trailer but hey we are headed to the future.

OTO: Why is trucking a good career? Why did you choose trucking for a living?

Courtney Petty: Trucking in general has provided me a life that I wanted. Trucking is a great career and it provides a lucrative income.

OTO: Why are trucking companies always hiring? Are trucking jobs good, in general?

Courtney Petty: Its very hard to find a good driver, I believe that’s the number one reason companies are always hiring. 2nd maybe its because the company in general is growing and could be adding more vehicles to their fleet and the growth and expansion is creating more job opportunities within that particular organization.

OTO: Where is the trucking industry headed? Will trucking be automated?

Courtney Petty: Trucking will always be here no matter what. Everything we use as consumers has to be transported. From the toilet tissue, toothpaste even the food we eat is all transported. As far as automation I believe so since they already have self driving trucks. We are headed to the future and robots are a part of it.

OTO: Any advice you could offer to people new to the industry and considering trucking for a living?

Courtney Petty: Learn as much as you can about the industry, do your homework first and then you have to decide if trucking is something you want to do. Trucking is here to stay!

OTO: How has trucking changed your life?

Courtney Petty: It has allowed me and my family to have and live a life that we wanted. It provides financial stability along with flexibility.

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Interview with Courtney Petty
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