Essential Trucking Supplies for Today’s Trucker


Trucking in 2018 is an enjoyable occupation for those who love trucks. The comfort of the drivers is paramount, to ensure safe delivery of cargo and the safety of the trucking personnel. The following gadgets and supplies will improve the satisfaction of the truckers and enhance the safety of the drivers in the trucking business.

Good Back Up Flashlight

Every trucker should have a good flashlight that does not need to be expensive and it should not also rely on batteries. This flashlight should be rechargeable in a simple way like cranking where a minute of cranking will give you about 60 minutes of bright light.

Hard Hat

This is a requirement in some factories and plants. However, it comes in handy to protect the trucker from falling objects during the delivery and picking of goods in factories.

Windshield Mount for a Cell Phone

A good windshield mount for cellphone will go a long way in increasing the comfort of the driver in having the cellphone at a convenient place. This also increases safety as the driver can easily access their cellphone. Especially if you are using your cellphone for GPS.


This will keep the truckers supply of fresh fruits and perishable products in a fresh state thus the fruits and vegetables last the journey or until the next market.


Do not go for anything cheap get a good multitool from your supply store, it will come in handy for minor repairs that you might need along the way. Good multitools should last you around a decade on the road.


A nice pair of sunglasses will protect you from glaring light and make your vision comfortable while driving in summer.

Work Gloves

This should be readily available in any convenience store. Get a pair you never know when you might need them.

Atlas and Maps

This will come in handy when technology fails, and you never know when it will.

Overnight Kit

This should include your medicine, a toothbrush, and all the grooming accessories for a quick freshening up.

First Aid Kit

This should not be very large and it should contain all the necessities for emergency first aid in case of injury or unexpected first aid need.

All Proper Paperwork

Ensure that you are well documented and have all the necessary permits and licenses for convenience during the journey.

Power Bank

Get a good and working power bank for charging your phone, tablet or laptop in case the engine is not working.

Extra USB Charging Cables

These should act as back up when the one you are using is chewed up by your tracker dog or anything happens to it. You should have a dozen of these for convenience.


This should keep you warm and dry when you want to get something outside the truck when it’s raining.

Reflective Safety Vest

This will increase the visibility of other road users to you in case of a breakdown on the road. This is also a requirement in some plants and factories where you will be picking up or delivering cargo.


lt is essential for truckers to have these essentials and supplies to ease their work and increase their safety including that of other road users.

Tell me if you want to add anything to this list!