How to Make Seat Cushions for The Truck At A Cheaper Cost

Truck drivers spent longer hours seated on the driver’s seat. Although driving itself is an easy job for most of us, sitting for long in an uncomfortable seat have serious health implications. Having an ergonomic seat is what health experts recommend, to protect drivers from spinal injuries and other health complications that come with sitting for long periods of time. Apart from ergonomic seats for drivers, cushions are the better alternative that gives drivers a comfortable ride. There are several ways of making seat cushions for truckers, but each method comes at a cost. Minimizing cost is the ultimate aim for everyone who is concerned about having classy and comfortable seat cushions. The following are top three ways of making seat cushions for drivers with minimal spending:

Foam Cushions

Foam is the material that is mostly used in cushions. Irrespective of the brand name, most cushions have foam within them. Foam is one of the cheapest cushion fabrics. Buy a two-inch-thick foam from the local store. Knowing the dimensions of the truck seat in mind, cut out the foam to have the shape of the seat. The trick here is to have layers of foam-fabric in an alternate manner. To get the best cushion, use three foams, making a 6-inch overall thickness. Sew the fabric tightly close to each layer of foam making sure to add a zipper for easy removal of foam for washing.

Gel Pad Cushions

Regarded as the best cushion material, many companies sell gel pad cushions at the highest price. Making one at home will be much cheaper. Instead of buying already made gel pad seat cushions, it is better to buy the pad itself and customize into the design you want. At the local store, one can get an extra-large pad at $70. The size is large enough to make a seat cushion. Since gel pad is not strong enough to sit on by itself, it’s good to design a base, made of plastic. Using the already existing vinyl seat covers, remove cushions that are already in place. Trim the gel pad into the design of the seat base, usually plastic. Cutting the gel pad is not that easy as it is liquid like and tends to stick to the cutting material. Using duct tape, wrap around the gel to the seat base tightly. Use vinyl to wrap up the gel pad to the seat plastic base. At the lower end, use staples, less than a quarter inch to bind the vinyl to the gel.

Use a Pillow with Wooden Beads

We have always trusted pillows on our beds. It can work best when we sit on them too. Get a small pillow, place it on the driver’s seat. It is one of the cheapest ways of making seat cushions for trucks. Adding wooded beads make it more comfortable as it provides some tinge of massage. Sew them on the pillows that are harder than the typical head pillows we use.


From the above discussions on how to make seat cushions for drivers, it is evident that one does not need to buy an already made cushion that comes with a considerable price. Once understanding the right material used in most of the seat cushions, developing one at home is easy. Try one today and enjoy your drive!

If you try any of these or try other ideas drop us a line and tell us how it worked out.