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Jake Tully (OTO): Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Jake Tully: I come from an area of California heavily involved in trucking and frequently saw commercial transportation operations growing up. After graduating from college, I accepted a position at TruckingUnlimited/ dealing with public relations and marketing for the trucking industry. During the time I have spent at the company, I have spoken to a great deal of truckers and trucking companies, though I am still learning about the industry every day. While I do not necessarily consider myself an authority on trucking, I nonetheless consider myself as an individual who has a relatively large amount of insight into the current state of the trucking industry.

OTO: When did you get started in trucking and how did that decision come about?

Jake Tully: As someone who works on the other side of trucking (not in the cab) I came to this position because I realized what an enormous industry trucking was and how integral trucking is to the overall economy of North America and beyond. I am very glad to be involved in an industry that makes a visible impact within the everyday lives of Americans.

OTO: Why is trucking a good career? Why did you choose trucking for a living?

Jake Tully: I can speak as to why I believe trucking is a good career – though it may be difficult, it is ultimately very fulfilling work for those in the industry. Drivers can see the direct results of the services they provide to consumers. Additionally, trucking is a great career for those who are goal-driven and those who are adept at working in an environment that provides realistic and specific goals to its workers.

OTO: Where is your business located and which areas do you serve?

Jake Tully: We are located in the Greater Los Angeles area of California. However, we work with companies and truckers from all over the lower 48, and on any given day we will hear from drivers all across the country.

OTO: Where is the trucking industry headed?

Jake Tully: The trucking industry is not slowing down by any means. Consumption of goods and demand for freight delivery is only going to rise as the population rises and as we see more businesses open. There is going to be a constant and growing need for truckers in all parts of the country and it will not be slowing down. The industry is going to be the healthiest it has been in a very long time and it is a great idea for prospective drivers to embrace any opportunities that may come their way.

OTO: Why trucking matters to the economy? Why is it important?

Jake Tully: Trucking is incredibly vital to the economy. As far as the chain of logistics goes, trucking is the most valuable link because trucks can travel to locations that ships, trains, and planes cannot. This being said, trucks are delivering goods to enormous hubs of commerce and incredibly remote locations alike. Without the proliferation of trucks, the concept of supply and demand would be greatly skewed from what we know it as today. Trucking makes the concept of “on-demand” possible.

OTO: How has trucking changed your life?

Jake Tully: As someone who has been involved in helping drivers find jobs and helping educate the non-trucking community about trucking as well as providing resources for the trucking community about certain issues, I can say that trucking has changed my life greatly. My eyes have been opened to how vital trucking is to the entire country and how hard-working these men and women are who contribute to the industry of commercial driving. Trucking is a much larger entity than many people realize and every day my life is better due to the presence of trucks in the country.

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Interview with Jake Tully
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