Interview with Jim Parker of Southern Truck Insurance Services Inc.

Jim Parker

Southern Truck Insurance Services Inc. (OTO): Can you tell us about yourself and a bit about your background?

Jim Parker: I was a truck company owner and driver for 20 . I have been a truck insurance specialist for 28 years.

OTO: How has trucking changed since you got started?

Jim Parker: Most changes have been because of government regulations. How insurance companies underwrite and account is stricter now.

OTO: Why is trucking a good career? Why did you choose trucking for a living?

Jim Parker: There will always be a need for truck drivers and owner operators. If you work hard you can make a good living while being independent.

OTO: Why are trucking companies always hiring? Are trucking jobs good, in general?

Jim Parker: Companies lose drivers to other companies and more drivers are retiring. As I said if you work hard you can make a very good living.

OTO: Where is the trucking industry headed? Will trucking be automated?

Jim Parker: The industry will continue to grow and will never be fully automated. The tech that is in newer cars now will be showing up in trucks to make them safer.

OTO: Any advice you could offer to people new to the industry and considering trucking for a living?

Jim Parker: If you are self motivated and hard work does not scare you you will do well in trucking. To start, consult with a truck agent or Trucking specialist to get all your start up cost set before you buy a truck. Make a time table for what you need to do.

OTO: How has trucking changed your life?

Jim Parker: Trucking has been great for me. Great living,great friends and keeping me out of trouble.

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