Interview with Jorge Oliu of Evans Delivery Co., Inc.

Jorge Oliu

Evans Delivery Co., Inc. (OTO): Can you tell us about yourself and a bit about your background?

Jorge Oliu: Started in 1977 as a Dispatcher with the largest LTL carrier in the US. From there migrated into overall logistics mgmt: whse operations, TL and Intermodal haulage of Import/Export containers with other companies.

OTO: How has trucking changed since you got started?

Jorge Oliu: Rates have not kept pace with changes in cost structures. Customers are now more cost conscious than concerned with Service. With the advent of Federal regulations pertaining to CDL’s and CSA scores, it has weeded out a lot of potential good drivers who may have had some legal issues in the past. Driver shortage is prevalent – and many ‘hop’ from company to company looking for something that ultimately does not exist.

OTO: Why is trucking a good career? Why did you choose trucking for a living?

Jorge Oliu: Offered an unique opportunity to be involved in a service industry wherein changes occur every minute, and flexibility is the primary key to success.

OTO: Why are trucking companies always hiring? Are trucking jobs good, in general?

Jorge Oliu: As industries grow, more and more freight is available. At issue with the driver shortage (in my opinion), is that as a society, the focus has evolved to demanding higher education, rather than Trades. As such, fewer candidates wish to drive a truck, along with a lot of historically labor intensive jobs….the mentality seems to be that ‘I have higher education: labor intensive jobs are not what I went to school for.’

OTO: Where is the trucking industry headed? Will trucking be automated?

Jorge Oliu: I don’t foresee automated trucks for several decades. The government and society, will need a lot of convincing that self-driven trucks are safe. Many people (due to exaggerated News stories), have the perception that tractor trailers are 80,000# missals traveling the highways and need to be very heavily governed.

OTO: Any advice you could offer to people new to the industry and considering trucking for a living?

Jorge Oliu: Change is operations is imminent each and every day. Radical changes are coming wherein 100% of transportation is be automated. Be prepared!

OTO: How has trucking changed your life?

Jorge Oliu: Has provided a satisfying life for me and my family.

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