‘Relax with Truckers’ Fall 2019 Event to be Announced

At OnlineTruckers.org, we have been gearing up for an unique event series which we hope will be a must-see event throughout the 2020s. The event will take place this October 2019, and will incorporate a variety of activities and events at our location in the Kansas City Metropolitan.

By teaming up with OOIDA.com and CBDOilKansasCity.com, we anticipate an event which has never been seen before. Independent truckers of America are well aware of the articles on our blog which goes into great depths about the life of the trucker, and CBD oil is on it’s way to becoming the new super-relaxation enhancer that truckers can depend on.

In addition, our planning committee intends to enlist other local businesses for hosting an event that will be remarkable– to say the least! In the coming weeks, please stay-tuned to our Facebook Page to be sure to check out the information regarding the official event announcement and details to come soon!