Review of POD-X5 Pro Portable Jump Starter for Diesel and Gas Engines

This portable jump starter is just not for smaller gas engines, but it can also jump start diesel engines as well. This device is also used as a power bank with two USB charging ports that are both 5 volts. The device also comes with a home charger, car charger, eight notebook connectors, one jumper cable with clamps, and one 2.11 mm cable. This device can charge any device from small games, laptops and even cell phones. It even has a built-in LED flashlight that produces four ultra bright CREE LEDs 700 lumens.

While this device has a durable aluminum housing it also comes with an 18 month warranty! This device even comes with its own case to help minimize storage making it easy to place it in your vehicle for when the time is needed to be used. This is the perfect portable jump starter to have just in case that you break down in the middle of nowhere. Simply hook up your jumper cables that comes with the POD-X5 and you now are ready to jump start your vehicle and get either yourself or your family back in town to safety. You can even help someone else that may be stranded, we all have been there. With a device like this there is no more waiting for some one or a tow truck to come to your aid, especially if you are in a not so safe place. You are simply saving and investing into such a great product to have

You might even find yourself in a situation to where your POD-X5 might not be able to jump start your vehicle due to mechanical issues at hand and you notice that your cell phone has just died with no power to your automobile, but rest assured you can simply charge your cell phone in order to get that emergency call out to help you while being stranded. You can even bring your POD-X5 on camping trips to help keep the kids portables stay charged so they have something to do at night. For hikers this would be a great device to have, as well, even in case you get injured and you still can make a connection call with your cell phone, but no one can find you. The POD-X5 will point the search party in the right way due to the safety feature that the device has with the S.O.S. light feature.

These are just some basic ideas that the POD-X5 portable jump starter can do! Everyone should invest into having their own POD-X5 device simply because its light weight, easy to hold, easy to handle, and easy to operate. Most of all it can be used on the go. This device should be charged up approximately every two months in order to keep the device fully charged in case of emergencies. It needs to be charged if you are using it a lot. You just don’t want to find yourself stranded somewhere with the device not charged.