Interview with Teddy McKeon of Construction Equipment Guide

Teddy McKeon

Construction Equipment Guide (OTO): Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Teddy McKeon: I went to school for management and marketing. Started out with Red Bull Distribution Company out of college. I then transitioned into a position with Construction Equipment Guide.

OTO: How has trucking changed since you got started?

Teddy McKeon: To me is seems the focus is turning more towards driver comfortability. Cabs, Trucks and everything related have improved drastically. Not just the truck itself, but it seems companies are focusing more on driver health/safety. I have also seen a greater push toward intermodal which should take off more in the future. Needless to say, you see more fulfillment warehouses popping up closer to urban cities. Land is not cheap, but FedEx, UPS, Amazon as well as other large manufactures are finding ways to increase productivity with quantitative analysis.

OTO: Why is trucking a good career? Why did you choose trucking for a living?

Teddy McKeon: Trucking is a great career, you can link up with 100’s of great companies with benefits or decide to work on your own. If you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit you can find different loads to transport. A number of startups have formed in the past few years linking heavy equipment buyers with transportation companies/individuals. You also have ways to grow a local businesses with the trailer industry creating different sizes and improving overall design.

OTO: Why are trucking companies always hiring? Are trucking jobs good, in general?

Teddy McKeon: I think we see the trucking industry always hiring because the need to transport more goods to more diverse locations. With internet shopping that one item now has to reach every home that purchases instead of just the brick and mortar locations. Also, embracing the sharing environment makes transporting heavier items more affordable for the driver and the end user.

OTO: Where is the trucking industry headed? Will trucking be automated?

Teddy McKeon: In one way or another the industry will be automated. Whether the truck is driving itself, or showing up to a train depot having an automated machine move the trailer to the train. We see automation in factories for picking the items for shipping. Unsure how the insurance industry will handle this, but drivers will need to be onboard. It may make their lives easier and less stressful.

OTO: Any advice you could offer to people new to the industry and considering trucking for a living?

Teddy McKeon: Stick with it and ask a lot of questions.

OTO: How has trucking changed your life?

Teddy McKeon: It helps you appreciate things in life, you get to see beautiful areas and other areas that need some help. Podcast’s and time behind the wheel help you better advance and learn about things that interest you.

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Interview with Teddy McKeon
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