Top 5 Best Dash Cam for Truckers and its Features

The security and safety of your truck driver, cargo and the truck is very vital. Whether in a small, medium or large transport logistics company you need foolproof surveillance systems for your truckers. A dash cam is one such important security tool.

It’s so stressful to learn that the cargo in your truckers have been stolen. It’s even more frustrating when you don’t have strong evidence to back your claims. Delivery delays occasioned by road challenges that could be overcome may cause you to lose business. This is why you need the best dash cam to help you monitor that precious cargo on the road, parking or a stop.

The features to look for in a great dash cam include dual channel ability, night vision, long range, wide angle view, high image resolution and storage. Among the top 5 best dash cams for truckers is described below. Rexing S300 Dash Cam.

It has a slim wedge shaped design and a 2.7 inch screen. Its buttons can be operated with both hands. This surveillance product has a full high definition video quality. It offers a high image resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps. With a wider angle of view of 170, you are sure to capture finer details in a large surrounding. It even enables the driver view clearly the road lanes enhancing road safety.

Its 6-layered glass lens and excellent wide dynamic range video system gives you superior quality videos day and night. The images it produces have sharp contrast for easier identification. Rexing S300 dash cam uses G-sensor technology to auto-detect an accident and automatically lock your current video file. This ensures nobody tampers with your video evidence.

It has dual channel capacity and supports SD cards for better storage. This gives your driver excellent view of the rear as well front activities. It’s easy to operate and user friendly.

It starts recording immediately you turn on the truck. It’s also light in weight making its mounting using an adhesive pad very easy and durable. Mounting can done behind the mirror without causing obstruction while still being suitably hidden. Another mounting option for this device is using a suction cup.

This dash cam can work well under different weather conditions due its 6-layered glass lens and infrared filter lens. It performs even at extreme temperatures ranging from 170AF to negative 40AF. It operates with a high quality Li-polymer battery.

Its continuous loop recording feature makes it perfect for use during long parking or stops. This dash cam device takes one stress out of your transport logistics giving you a smooth haul. If you are looking for a top quality evidence collection device for your truckers, you may try Rexing S300 dash cam.

It’s highly reliable under different road circumstances. It helps improve road safety, security of the cargo and keeps you in business for long. Faster and secure delivery of cargo to clients increases your company’s trust and confidence. It’s therefore important to invest in high quality surveillance devices. The benefits and convenience features are top priority in selecting a better product.