Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Trucking Companies

As a trucking company business owner or marketer, your greatest headache can be how to drive your marketing strategy and at the same time achieve your set targets. Your concerns will range from where to find your target market, how to easily access them and how to effectively deliver content that will attract them to your business and be converted to customers. If it’s existing customers, your worry will be how best to keep them interested in your services.

I will hereby save you this agony by sharing 5 marketing tips important for any trucking company.

1. Embrace Social Media Marketing

With the advent of social media, every business is scrambling for its share of social media presence. The reason being social media avails to you as a business a means of exposing your products to millions of users. According to the statistics done by Smart Insight the number of active social media users is over 3 billion. Another research study conducted by Ignite Visibility shows that 90% of business owners attested to an increased exposure for their business after embracing social media. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google helps you to increase you brand awareness, provides you with a platform to engage your customers, generate more leads and improves your customer service. If you do not have a social media presence in any of these platforms, do it today!

2. Video Marketing

The use of video marketing has become a popular trend in recent years and its use a marketing tool is expected to rise. The reason being most people find videos more engaging that text. Is your business new? Video marketing provides an easier way of opening up conversations. There’s no better way to demonstrate your new product than using an explainer video. In this case users are able to put a face to your product which increased engagement. There are a handful of trucking companies in Florida that do video marketing very well. Video marketing has also proved to be a marketing tool which encourages more social media sharing. Make sure to include social media sharing options to your videos also.

3. Build a Website

Gone are the days when making inquiries from the inquiries desk was the only option. The expectation of the modern day customer is that without calling your office, they can get online, search your company name and see what products you are offering. The trick is to provide a site that is user friendly and one that will encourage the customer to keep navigating through it. The website is important in attracting new customers and increasing your brand awareness. The good thing is, you can keep customers coming back by sharing your website on the various social media platforms highlighted earlier. The catch is to make sure you regularly update it with new relevant content and pricing lists to keep the customer interested.

4. Create a Blog

There’s an increase in hunger for information among users today. Check out the blog for the American Trucking Associations. What if you could meet this need and at the same time increase your brand awareness? Blogging is the tool that many businesses are using to achieve this. As compared to a website, a blog is a platform where you don’t directly advertise your products but you keep sharing content that instead informs and could be useful to your target audience. For example, truck drivers. The more relevant the content is, the more the trucker drivers in this case build trust in your brand and the higher the likelihood of engaging with your brand. Some trucking companies in Georgia have some blogs that I follow. Blogging is also useful as it also assists in being noticed by search engines as a reliable information source. If well done, you rank higher up in search engine results and this will help to drive more traffic to your site.

5. Online Advertising

While all the above may not explicitly push a customer to request for your services, advertising offers you this opportunity. As explored earlier, with the advent of social media it’s now easier to advertise to a mass. Place ads on all your social media platforms. The purpose of the ad is to act as a link to your website or blog where the customer can get more information about your business or request them to sign up for your services.

In conclusion, you need to get in front of your customers and tell them who you are and why you exist and why they need your services. The above tips, if well implemented, will help you achieve this. Get head and have a competitive edge over other trucking company businesses. Write us to tell us how you’re marketing your trucking company and how it’s working for you.